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The clinical pathologist is a Healthcare professional specialized in clinical pathology. Therefore, he is a privileged partner of the clinician for choosing the most adapted tests for diagnosis, follow-up and, more and more, for therapeutic indication, and for interpreting the results. Laboratoire Cerba fully undertakes this commitment and responsibility and produce, on a regular basis, documents of medical-scientific information for the physicians and the general clinical pathologists. Those publications are ordered upon their format.


News : Find all our news.

Pdf des cahiers cerba

Cahiers Cerba : are synthesis of the knowledge on a specific topic.

Les tests info

Congresses : Agenda of the conferences at which clinical pathologists or histocytopathologists of Laboratoire Cerba take part.

Les tests info

Bio News : introduce innovative tests and specify their interest and context of prescription.

Les triptyques

Triptychs : are practical medical information tools on the tests usefull in the context of a pathology or a specific diagnosis. They contain, when it is possible, decision trees for the clinician to go right to the point.

Les ouvrages

Books : This heading presents reference books published by the medical team of Laboratoire Cerba.

Les posters

Posters : All works presented by the team of Laboratoire Cerba’s clinical pathologists during national or international congresses can be downloaded here.


Publications : Scientific papers published by Laboratoire Cerba’s medical team in national or international journal are listed in this heading.

Useful information (test request forms, consent forms, ...) can be downloaded in your private space by clicking the following link for Clinical pathologists and Physicians.