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Recording of your samples
12 unpacking stations
60 recording stations

specially trained operateurs

750 m² dedicated space
27 000 samples per day in routine
35 000 samples per day as maximum capacity

Our service for reception and record of samples is specially engineered to comply with the requirements of the NF EN ISO 15189 standard (N°8-0945, Examens Médicaux). Traceability is the keyword of a process involving automation each time it is possible in order to discard the error risk and to enable optimal focus of men and women on what they have to do.


The barcode of each bag containing the samples and the afferent documents is flashed and the bag is opened. The operator indicates the type and number of documents coming with the sample, thus generating as many specific barcodes which are sticked to the documents prior to scanning. Bags containing the samples are then put in boxes labeled with a barcode upon their temperature and state of urgency. An electrical conveyor automatically dispatches the samples in specialized processing stations according to the type of sample while an OCR software reads the test request form to extract the relevant information.

At the specialized process station, the operator flashes the barcode of the bag and indicates the first letters of the patient’s name and first name for the software to check that there is no attribution error. The software then shows the operator the information automatically extracted from the test request form. Incomplete or missing or ambiguous information must be completed by the operator for him to be allowed to close the file and send the sample to the adapted analytical unit.