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Detailed and commented results of the tests performed at Laboratoire Cerba are sent to the customer laboratory and to the prescribing physician by remote printing, by fax or by regular mail. The results server available on this website also enables secure connection to get the results. To get your login and password for access to the result server, please contact our customer service:

Florence Cadéi
Tel: (+33)
Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM (GMT+1)

The decree of January the 13th 2010 reminds the fundamental role of the clinical pathologist in the patients management. As an expert in his field, he is the privileged interlocutor of the physician, both for medically interpreting the results and for advising him the most adapted tests considering an overall clinical picture. As mentioned by the Minister of Health, "No clinical pathologist can follow the evolution of the knowledge in all fields of expertise like microbiology, hematology, biochemistry, immunohematology".

This is why, at Laboratoire Cerba, 25 clinical pathologists and histocytopahtologists, each of them being an expert in his field, work in a permanent dialogue to provide clinicians with the most detailed comments on the test results but also the most relevant interpretation regarding other test results in other fields. Combining a cutting edge expertise with an interdisciplinary team enables the physician to make quickly the best decisions for his patient’s benefit.

Laboratoire Cerba daily perfoms over 18.000 tests in clinical pathology on samples coming from all around the world. As a consequence, clinical pathologists enrich every day their expertise thanks to rare, sometimes almost unique cases, thus empowering their ability to provide clinicians with accurate results, avoiding traps and advising them, only when necessary, further tests to be performed to precise the situation of a potentially ambiguous case.

The Clinical Pathology professionals of Laboratoire Cerba may be contacted every day by phone or mail for the clinicians or their colleagues clinical pathologists to get advices.