Medical skills


Histocytopathology department

The medical team of 5 physicians specialized in histocytopathology develops new methods around four specialties, namely :


The department of histocytopathology was a pioneer in Europe for the evaluation of cytology techniques in monolayer.

Today, these techniques are routinely used in the laboratory. In strong collaboration with the molecular genetics department, our pathologists perform among the newer predictive tests of therapeutic response in oncology.

This illustrates the synergy between multidisciplinary teams at Laboratoire Cerba.

A unique expertise in Cervix cancer screening

The pathology department of Laboratoire Cerba was among the first in Europe to participate to the evaluation of monolayer techniques for cervix cancer screening. Today, it processes over 2.000 cervical samples every day using a standardized and automated workflow for sample preparation, staining and pre-reading. Automation achieves reproducible and constant quality standards for optimal results output and patient’s safety. Cytotechnicians are therefore focused on their core expertise: slides reading for detection of abnormal cells, thus guarantying optimal concentration and training.

In case of the presence of ASC-US, the sample may be transferred to our infectious diseases department for HPV screening without need of recalling the patient for another sample collection.

Christine Bergeron, MD, the head of the pathology department at Laboratoire Cerba, is a world-known physician and scientist in the field of cervix cancer with over 200 publications in international journals