Cerba HealthCare announces the launch of its endowment funds: « Institut Cerba »

Cerba HealthCare announces the launch of its endowment funds: « Institut Cerba »

The Institut Cerba wishes to support and to promote a ‘united and responsible medical biology’.

Its missions get organized around three construction sites in line with the Group’s values:
• Provide information to the healthcare professionals and education to the general public on the medical biology
• Support and promote research and innovation in medical biology
• Allow everyone the same access to an innovative medical biology

“The vocation of the Institut Cerba is to serve the general interest with realism and efficiency but also with humanism and generosity. Our commitment in favor of education, of research and solidarity is one of the big ambitions of our Group” explains Catherine Courboillet, President of Cerba Healthcare.

Thus, the Institut Cerba is commited to encourage education by developing programs of awareness to health, by participating into programs of prevention, by valuing knowledge and by educating us on the stakes of our lifestyles on health.

To promote the innovation in medical biology, the Institut Cerba wishes to dedicate the excellence and to encourage the talents.
Finally, helping people who have a difficult access to care, either on the national territory, or in countries where the systems of care are still fragile, is one of the Institut Cerba’s priorities.

The Institut Cerba will lead these actions together with associations of patients, research centers, private or public institutions.
" Through the Institut Cerba, it is the Group’s 4 300 collaborators who will be mobilized around these united initiatives " underlines Catherine Courboillet.

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