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Specialized clinical pathology

A range of over 1,300 biological parameters are tested every day in this Department.

Specialized clinical pathology department

A range of over 1,300 biological parameters are tested every day in this Department. Most of them correspond to tests which are either relatively rarely prescribed or which require special laboratory expertise or equipment.



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Specialized technicians

A multidisciplinary team at your service

microscope_hyperlymphocytose3.pngOur medical team of 20 physicians and pharmacists specialized in medical testing is available every day to help you with results or profiles interpretation. They will also help you for the follow- up of a specific patient or for advising you about the relevance to perform a test upon the clinical picture.

The organization of this department, the biomedical skills of its personnel and the rigorous quality assurance system are a guaranty of accurate, fast and interpreted results, but also the collaboration of health professionals specialized in clinical pathology and fully integrated in the process of patient’s management. Therefore, they are interlocutors with high added value for their colleagues, both clinical pathologists and prescribing physicians.

A technical platform and state-of-the-art technologies

Repetitive test procedures are robotized and all analyzers are bidirectionally interconnected with a central computer since many years. The integration of all those technical, medical, financial and commercial elements in a single data management system ensures paramount quality and traceability.


Toxicology: headspace GC-MS


Toxicology: headspace GC-MS Headspace GC-MS for the detection of non-metabolized solvents




Allergology, auto immunity: Phadia 5000

Capacity of 40 000 results per week 1er laboratory equiped in the world.



charge_virale.jpgViral load: Cobas 8800

Molecular diagnostic system