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A historical reference laboratory focused on the future

Since its creation in 1967, Laboratoire Cerba operates on the French and international market of specialized clinical pathology.

As a European leader, Laboratoire Cerba aims at supporting health professional by offering them an always up-to-date portfolio of in vitro diagnostic tests and by permanently improving its service.

Highly diversified activity of Laboratoire Cerba covers all medical specialties. It is organized around 3 departments, namely Clinical Pathology, Genetics and Histocytopathology.

A panel of over 2000 tests and continuous development of new biomarkers are the core of the health care extension provided to clinical pathologists working with Laboratoire Cerba, wherever in the world. This is why Laboratoire Cerba processes samples from all over the world and collects them directly in over 16 countries in Europe, Africa and Middle East through a network of agencies sharing its values and requirements in terms of quality and medical service provided.

In 2007, Cerba was at the origin of the creation of Cerba HealthCare, a European network of laboratories providing a comprehensive solution for clinical pathology, from collection centers to specialized laboratory. Cerba HealthCare also operates worldwide in the field of clinical pathology for clinical trials.




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Customers worldwide

Cerba in the world

Cerba receives and analyzes samples from more than 50 countries in the world.

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An expert in Clinical Pathology

Laboratoire Cerba’s Medical Team is made of professionals with skills acknowledged by their peers. Members of scientific societies, experts for health authorities, all clinical pathologists regularly attend national and international congresses in their field. They support and advise health professionals in choosing the most relevant tests and in interpreting the results to improve patient’s management.

Laboratoire Cerba integrates a Scientific and Medical board to empower the scientific and technologic survey for continuous evolution of analytical methods and transfer of latest outputs of research to biomedical applications. This board organizes the synergies between our multidisciplinary teams who attend several conferences and regularly publish in national and international medical journals.


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Quality for optimal diagnostic provided to physicians and patients

Laboratoire Cerba was the first laboratory to be accredited by the COFRAC in France as early as April 1999. This long experience of accreditation is a strong driving force for all men and women working at Laboratoire Cerba.

Quality management at Laboratoire Cerba aims at ensuring, for all customers worldwide :

•Accuracy of test results provided to clinicians,
•Data traceability,
•Robust processes & organization.

Major milestones in the creation of Laboratoire CERBA

Since 2007, Laboratoire CERBA keeps its position of European leader on the market of 2nd intention clinical pathology and becomes the specialized clinical pathology department of the French laboratory network of Cerba HealthCare group.

  1. Creation of the Cerba Laboratory, the first laboratory of specialized medical biology in France
  2. Creation of the Logistics Department
  3. Creation of the Department of Anatomo-Cytopathology
  4. Creation of the Department of Genetics
  5. Acquisition of the CBMS from the Institut Pasteur
  6. Export Development (Africa, Middle East)
  7. Acquisition of the BARC Group and Diversification in Biology of Clinical Trials and Routine Biology
  8. Acquisition of the first laboratories in France

Medical and scientific commitee

The Medical & Scientific board of Laboratoire Cerba aims at defining major developement axis for new diagnostic tools to be proposed to physicians and patients.

Therefore, it maintains a constant scientific survey :

•Participation to national and international congresses
•Partnership with research centers like INSERM, CNRS, Institut Pasteur, biotechs…

In addition, it leads the medical and scientific teams of Laboratoire Cerba using their multidisciplinary characteristics to implement and develop all synergies for our laboratory to position itself as a major actor in the clinical diagnostic process.

Présidente du Laboratoire Cerba

Aurélie Driss-Crorbin

From sample collection to results

Laboratoire Cerba offers full support for your samples ensuring :

•The supply of sampling equipment
•Sample collection at local laboratory
•Packaging and transport compliant with pre-analytical conditions
•Tests performed in our technical platform in the north of Paris
•Digital and paper reports


Our values

With over 560 collaborators and 120 M€ TO, Laboratoire CERBA is the European leader in specialized clinical pathology.

The values of Laboratoire Cerba are based on :

•Ethics : respect of patients & ethics
•Integrity : regarding customers, collaborators, share holders
•Scientific expertise
•Quality of the service provided
•Sense of efficiency 


Those values illustrate the positioning of Laboratoire Cerba in a modern and human perspective of clinical pathology. These values illustrate the will to position in a modern and human perspective of the medical biology. It forms a positive step towards developing a future-oriented clinical pathology.


Human values embedded in this positioning are:

•Precision and exactingness
•Respect of human
•Culture of achievment

« The values of men fitting with the values of the laboratory »

In agreement with this belief, the laboratory has signed since 2006 the French Convention for Diversity. Diversity is put at the heart of its Human Resources management policy as a factor of development and achievement.


Our laboratory is also authorized for the following tests :

Prenatal diagnosis operations

Cytogenetic tests

Molecular genetic tests

Tests for diagnostic purposes of infectious diseases

Biochemistry tests, maternal markers

Postnatal diagnosis operations

Cytogenetic tests, including molecular cytogenetics 

Molecular genetic tests 

Lead measurement

Other authorizations

Radio-immunology n°I.S. 214L3C