An environmentally-friendly site

Designing an environmentally-friendly workplace conducive to everyone's well-being was one of the challenges in building this new site.bannière 3-min.png
Once the land had been acquired, the site layout and building had to be designed to meet environmental standards.

"The BREEAM label, the international equivalent of the French HQE label, certifies the building's eco-construction and final quality.

The Biodiversity Progress label to integrate the building into its natural environment, based on an initial audit followed by monitoring throughout the construction period by a certified ecologist. And finally, the Osmoz label, which focuses on employee working conditions," says Florent Roulet-Dubonnet, Cerba's Deputy Director.

This approach is in line with the environmental roadmap defined by the Cerba HealthCare group for 2022:
1. Greening and optimizing energy consumption
2. Greening and optimizing transport
3. Optimize consumption and combat waste
4. Reduce and recycle waste
5. Reduce water impact 
This new laboratory is designed to respect the environment and promote the well-being of each and every one of our employees. We believe in social and environmental responsibility, and this will be reflected in every aspect of our new facility.

Audrey Lannoy, Cerba Quality Safety Environment Manager
Teresa Gouveia, Cerba & Cerba Xpert Human Resources Manager 
Laetitia Massari, Cerba Path Human Resources Manager