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Change of technique and sample nature for Aldosterone measurement

Since April 14, 2020, Aldosterone measurement is performed by Chemiluminescence. The nature of the sample also changes as only EDTA plasma samples are now accepted for the measurement of both Aldosterone and Renin (1 ml minimum per parameter: 2 ml for both Aldosterone and Renin).

Please note that Renin must be sampled at the same time as Aldosterone to allow the calculation of the Aldosterone / Renin ratio.

The blood should be centrifuged and plasma must be frozen immediately after sampling.

These parameters are sensitive to orthostatism, it is therefore imperative to specify the position of the patient (standing, sitting, or supine) according to the below specifications. This detail is important for the interpretation of the results.

  • Supine position: patient lying down for at least 30 minutes
  • Standing position: after walking for at least 30 minutes
  • Sitting position: for at least 15/30 minutes


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