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New: recombinant peach allergen, rPru p 7 is now available

The recombinant peach allergen, rPru p 7 is now available. rPru p7 is a gibberlin-regulated protein (GRP) found in the pulp and skin of peaches.

High cross-reactivity between Pru p 7 and a homologous GRP found in cypress pollen is the main cause of sensitization to Pru p 7. Cross-reactivity with similar GRP in other stone fruits as well as citrus is also common .

This ImmunoCAP Allergen f454 rPru p7 test completes the allergenic components ImmunoCAP f419 rPru p 1, f420 rPru p 3 and f421 rPru p 4, f454, to provide an even more relevant algorithm for exploring peach allergy, and help diagnose patients at risk for severe systemic reactions.


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