Dear colleague,


I am addressing you today to inform you that we encounter significant difficulties with the start-up of the tube sorting chain, despite the numerous tests carried out beforehand.


The move is coming to an end, with 95% of the benches and automated systems now installed and fully functioning in this new site of Frépillon.


Over 600 machines have been relocated and qualified, followed by method validation files for every test, all while maintaining our activity. We did all everything to communicate in real-time and transparently with your teams via weekly newsletters.


Despite all our precautions, some automated systems have not been working as desired since their reboot after their relocation, thus requiring supplier interventions or even the purchase of new ones, inducing a delay in the results. Most of the delays have been mitigated (except for the urinary citrates et oxalates) thanks to the hard work of our teams.


Today, after two weeks of the chain and its connected automated systems being operational, the situation is getting more complex. Despite the conclusive initial tests, we encountered numerous connectivity issues that delayed some tests, pushed back pre-analytic deadlines, and provoked the loss of several tubes. We identified the source of the issues and are currently working to address them. We have also decided to revert and operate from two sites (Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône and Frépillon) for the biochemistry, immunology, autoimmunity, and allergology benches, where the Roche chain and some automated systems are still present, until the situation is resolved.


I wanted to personally write you and warn you in complete transparency about this situation. I know it directly impacts the relations between you, your prescribers, and your patients. I also want to assure you that our teams are working tirelessly day and night, including weekends, to catch up on delays and minimize these impacts.


Once again, we sincerely thank you for your understanding and patience during this transition period.


Aurélie Driss-Corbin

President and CEO of Cerba



Dear colleague,

Be informed every week of pre-analytical changes, technique, reagent disruption, nomenclature and pricing of our exams and the relocation steps of the different specialties of the laboratory to the new site in Frépillon.


Following the start-up of the new tube sorting line and the connected automates systems, we have encountered difficulties that were not apparent during the test phases. As a result, some tests on the Biochemistry, Autoimmunity, Allergology and Infectious Serology benches have been affected and may be delayed by more than a week. 
The teams are currently working on both sites (Saint-Ouen l'Aumône and Frépillon) to get the situation back to normal as quickly as possible.

Aspergillus - Confirmation technique (IEP) : new temporary delay of 2 weeks following a break in the screening reagent 

Citrates and oxalates
Automaton breakdowns impact our turnaround time of 2 and a half months. In order to return to normal, some files are subcontracted to the Biomnis laboratory when pre-analytical conditions are compatible.

Herpes serology - IgM
Following a break in the reagent supply and the introduction of the alternative technique. We hope to be back to normal next week.


- ZINC : new temporary delay of 10 days

-TRYPTASES : back to normal by the end of this week
-VITAMIN B1 and B6 : new temporary delay of 2 weeks

-In case of suspicion of acute hematopathies (acute leukemia, high-grade lymphoma), please notify the arrival of the sample at the address
pole.hemato@lab-cerba.com in order to obtain a faster result turnaround.

-VITAMIN A AND E : new temporary delay of 2 weeks.

The Cerba International Customer Service Team