Retrospective 2023 : Medical Innovation

Dear colleague, 

Once again, we wish you an excellent 2024!

For Cerba, 2023 was a dynamic year full of challenges:

Medical innovation at the service of your patients

In 2023, an ever-expanding range of tests to support you in your day-to-day work and open up new diagnostic and management perspectives for your patients.


 Medical Genetics


Optical mapping, a new-generation post-natal cytogenetic diagnostic test


+ More than 150 gene panels in our catalogue
14 medical specialities


Development of custom panels


HLA typing by NGS






Arbovirosis triplex PCR

Onco-hématologie.png  Onco-haematology

Multiple myeloma NGS panel (175 genes)


 Neurologie.png  Neurology


Dosage of 2nd generation anti-depressants


  Endocrinologie.png  Endocrinology


Endocrine disruptors: phthalates and bisphenols panels

  Oncologie.png Oncology


HRD by Shallow Whole Genome Sequencing (sWGS)

Cholangiocarcinoma panel

Pancreas panel (BRCA1, BRCA2 and KRAS)

Large Oncosomatic Panel (634 genes) (Clinical trials)


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